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Our Story




Launching first as Decadent Designs LLC in 2008, With Luv Design quickly grew into a multi-faceted printing, engraving and screen-printing company. 

Along with Passing through Life (a lifestyle apparel and gift brand), we became part of Everyday 30 LLC in May 2015. 

With Luv Design continues to offer handmade, custom designs, created exclusively for our customers. We combine the online shopping experience with close, personal attention from our designers so that you feel like you’ve just entered a hometown boutique! 

Our unique and talented crew are the key to our success. Each of us represent a different style or art form. As a team we work together to create a personalized design for your one-of-a-kind event. ­­­

At With Luv Design we know the importance of your big day and direct our attention to detail towards making you happy in every way. 

Whether it’s an entire wedding stationary suite, a surprise gift for special someone, or just you and your event becoming fabulous - we have you covered! 

Our state-of-the-art printing, engraving, and screen-printing technologies provide us with the opportunity to create a sensation for you! 

Traditional or avant garde, paper, acrylic, or beyond, our team can turn your ideas into a reality. 

We look forward to enhancing the special moments in your life and helping you live life’s adventures With Luv

 - Erin, Melanie, Kellie, Callie and Dee


Meet our Amazing Crew:


Need something tropically tremendous? Erin’s your answer!

Growing up on the beaches of Florida, she loves to help people celebrate the sun.  Her real life adventures include running, diving, and riding motorcycles. Yeah – she’s that girl. 

You will never find Erin in the kitchen cooking, but she really heats things up when it comes to creating new products and designs. That’s her recipe for making you happy. 

Erin’s got a head for numbers and a soul that loves to party! Her very favorite holiday is St. Patrick’s Day (it’s rumored that “Erin go bragh” was first adopted as a celebration cheer because of her) and she has never met a beer she didn’t like. 

Oh yeah, and if you gave her a dog, she’d proudly call it ‘Fetch!’


When London called, this is the brilliant girl that answered. Melanie is our social media consultant and the team member that creates our updates with an international feel from across the pond. 

To follow her adventures and add international intrigue to your life, read Melanie's blog, ‘Sunny in London: A Florida girl’s guide to finding sun and fun in London.’

She thinks it’s bloody brilliant that she works part-time for her sister Erin at With Luv Design. If she could give anyone advice, it would be ‘Keep calm and upload it to Instagram.’ We know, everybody loves Melanie. 


Have you been charmed by the #withluvpuppy yet on our Instagram account? That’s Benny, and he belongs to Kellie! She’s our screen printing star at With Luv Design.

When she’s not sculpting perfect apparel or gifts at work, you might catch her singing and dancing to Bruno Mars’s ‘Uptown Funk’ or sampling riffs with rappers. Her street beat sounds (coupled with a little bit of her asthma) have earned her the nickname ‘K-weezy.’   

Kellie’s adventurous spirit centers mostly outdoors, which is why her dream wedding would be either on a beach or somewhere rustic and romantic.  

Dee & Callie:

Our very own mother and daughter team, we’ve bunched them together here. Claiming her name is short for ‘Demented’, Dee is a former stand-up comedian and comedy club owner who works as our in-house wordsmith. She writes the descriptions for our products and keeps our website updated and user-friendly. 

The ultimate trivia queen and Bob Dylan fan, Dee attended her first Ann Arbor peace rally at age 6 and has been seeing trails ever since.

A degreed psychologist, play write, poet and history buff who believes that life is too important to be taken seriously. She’s been happily married to Callie’s dad for more years than she cares to remember. 

Callie, with Luv’s art-nerd, frequently rolls her eyes at her mother at work - but loves what she does just the same. 

In Callie’s world life is just one big starry night. She is our in-house artist and custom photographer. She can make everything into a masterpiece – including your special event. 

She’s an actress, singer, forensic coach and former New Yorker who is famous for keeping it real. If you can imagine it, she can make it happen. She’ll create it, dramatize it, put it to music, coach it, paint it or photograph it! One of those all-around creative types who adds imagination and artistic integrity to everything we do at With Luv Designs.